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10 Free Online Broken Link Checker Tools


10 Free Online Broken Link Checker Tools

When you click on a link that is supposed to take you somewhere, yet instead it takes you somewhere else or shows a 404 error message… this is a broken link. The most common causes for a broken link include, but are not limited to :
  • The target website is permanently unavailable
  • The target web page has been deleted
  • The target web page permalink was modified or changed

Broken links are very unpleasant for end users of your website, and can hurt your reputation. It makes sense that having several broken links on a website is often referred to as “link rot”… because it really is as pleasant as that phrase sounds. 
Use this broken link checker to quickly locate any broken links on your website so you can correct any flaws immediately. It’s as easy as entering your URL and hitting enter.

1. Broken Link Check

You can only really check your homepage with the free version as the free version doesn't allow you to use slashes. Try the tool and it takes you to an annoying captcha screen, but pass that and you get to see your broken links. You can report distinct breaks or all occurrences. The fact they give you the option is better than some lesser link checkers.

2. W3C Link checker

On this website you will see the tool and a list of options. You can see a summary only, or you can see the chunky raw data. You can hide redirects, you can “don’t send the accept language header”, you can “Don’t send referrer header” and you can check linked documents recursively and name the recursion depth. You can even save your choices in the options as a cookie on your computer. Not that it matters, but this website has a PageRank of 9, which means they may know a little about SEO.

3. Submit Express

This tool will check the outgoing links on your page to see if they are broken. It will only check the links on the URL given, so if you want to check more pages from your site, please try them seperately.

4. Small SEO Tools.

5. WDG Link Valet

This has an ugly and/or basic website design, which is surprising since the creators are part of a web design group. Still, it is free and easy to understand because just under the tool are a few descriptions of what the results mean.

6. IndiaBook Free link checker

This is a tool that is hosted on a very basic looking website design, but it does the job of checking your links. The basic format upon which the tool is hosted is simple and the results are basic, with no frills at all. Still, it does the job of checking your links to see if any are broken. There is a chunk of text before the tool that you need not read.

7. Dead Link Checker

Check for broken links on any website. Links that don't work harm your search rankings and provide for a bad user experience. No downloads - just enter the name (URL) of the website you wish to check.

8. Site Liner

Find duplicate content, broken links, and more...

9. 2 bone online link checker

This is a website brought to you by a CGI programming team. The website explains
how the tool works and lets you choose how fast you want the results (which is
novel but unnecessary).

10. Add Me Broken link checker

The site is not good looking, as most on this article, but it is free so we cannot complain. It gives you a guide on how to use the tool, as it has slightly more parameters than most on this list. It is very easy to use, and even if you do struggle you can just look at the brief instructions above.

if you find any problem then comment bellow.

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