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How To Host JavaScript And CSS Scripts On Google Drive


Host JavaScript And CSS Scripts in Google Drive

However, Blogger doesn't provide the flexibility to host CSS or JavaScript files in one separate link. They are hosted within the blog's code through HTML tags. Hence, today I will teach you how to host scripts on Google Drive and then link them back to your website/blog so they work properly.

Follow the Step :

  • Go to
  • Click on upload icon → Files → Chose the CSS or JavaScript file which you want to host.(see bellow image )

  • After the File is uploaded then click on that file → Click Share. (see bellow image )

  • Sharing setting will open ,copy the link under link to share → click on change .

  • In option select Public on the web → Save it.

  • The last step is little tricky. I will teach you how to prepare a proper hosting link for your CSS/JavaScript file, so that you can embed it in your website/blog's HTML code.

  • Now Change the link to : 

Tips :

You can paste the sharing link in Notepad or any other text editor and then edit it.
Let me give you an example. Given below is the sharing link of my back to top button's JavaScript code which is hosted on Google Drive.

  • Red Highlighted file code is my file code

Final work :

  • Replace Red highlighted code with your file code.
  • You're done! You have successfully hosted your CSS/JavaScript file on Google Drive. Also, you have it's proper hosting link. You just have to embed it or refer to it in your website/blog's HTML code.

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